About Total Custom

It’s not just who we know, or even what we know that really matters; we believe the true value of a company is measured by what they do and why they do it.

We’re not driven to be the biggest, or to win the most awards or to be the low cost producer in our industry. Other companies have claimed those accolades. We simply value a job well done, completed on time and within budget. And we take great satisfaction in the gratitude afforded us by our clients for delivering on our promises and exceeding their expectations. We appreciate straight talk, require a fair price and demand the highest caliber performance from our employees and trade contractors. We invite you to require the same of us.

There is no shortage of information available to consumers about innovative products, features and design. The challenge for consumers is in finding an organization that you can trust to thoughtfully combine thousands of individual components into a cohesive structure. Let us help you bring into focus the unrealized vision that you have in your mind’s eye for the home your family deserves.

We the employees of Total Custom feel that our work has been a blessing. Unlike so many, when asked by our children and grandchildren what we accomplished in our lifetime, we don’t need to take a deep breath and then craft a long explanation; we can just point. Our work speaks for itself: thoughtful, respectful of the surroundings and environment, fit for its purpose and built to last.

Total Custom is pleased to serve Clients within the Delaware and Lehigh Valley. We specialize in new home design and construction, whole house remodeling, major additions, kitchens, master suites, land development, site improvements and the adaptive reuse of vintage structures.

How do I start? For major projects, our clients’ initial consultation is made with no charge or obligation. We encourage clients to share photos and sketches in order to describe the project in their own terms. Don’t feel like you need to have a coherent presentation; it’s our job to help organize your thoughts. Call us at 610.994.9900 or click here to contact us to request a consultation. And thank you for considering Total Custom.

Jack MacCord, President, Total Custom Homes, Inc.

Total Custom Homes, Inc.